Witch with accordion

It is Halloween’s Eve and I still have one more card I want to make!  This one will be for someone who plays the accordion, so I’m thinking of a witch with an accordion.  On Strathmore’s 140 lb cold pressed watercolour paper, I draw it first using just a mechanical pencil:


Okay, now I’ll ink it up with a 005 Micron pen, because they are waterproof.  Then I’ll erase the pencil marks.  …Well, my husband just came home and started in with the suggestions “hey, you should draw a pumpkin here, like this” etc.  Then he reached for a piece of scrap paper, and I said, “no, just draw it right on there with pencil.”  So he did – he drew the pumpkins.  Then I added the sentiment and the crooked notes.


I ink up everything and add some swirlies to the accordion.  Then with a 01 Micron pen, I added some thickness to some of the lines, mainly the underside of the objects…

Now I’ll watercolour it with Winsor & Newton Cotman (student grade) watercolours.  Voilà!


I masked the polka dots with Winsor & Newton’s permanent masking fluid first.  I used a fine-point calligraphy nib, not a brush, with the masking fluid.  For dots and other small details, this is easier.  I also masked the fingers on the button side of the accordion.  That way I could over-paint the accordion without worrying about getting the hot pink on the fingers.  Near the end, I was falling asleep.  Can you tell which spots I was drowsy on?  If you can’t, then I won’t tell *grin*.  It is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay past my bedtime!  Good night!


10 Responses to “Witch with accordion”

  1. Deb Wood Says:

    Wow, this is really amazing. You should design stamps! I would certainly buy them. The details, colors and everything on this card are fabulous. KUDOS to you!

  2. Mrs Noofy (Sue) Says:

    This is so cute. You know I love it.

  3. Bloh Says:

    You know what might be cool for the nerd crowd? if the pumpkins had other things on them, like LOL on it, or >.< or 😛 when valentine’s day with a ❤ or something….again, just a thought….and more for the IM’ing generation.

  4. Stamper Gail Says:

    Absolutely darling. You are a true artist!

  5. Jan Marie (flourishes) Says:

    Sophie, welcome to the world of blogging! I think you are a great addition and certainly love your style.

  6. Laura Duet Says:

    Dear Sophie,

    I am totally charmed by your wonderful artwork!!!! Did you ever think of opening an Etsy shop?? If it is okay with you, I would like to add a link from my blog to your blog. Let me know if you object, otherwise, I will go ahead and do it!! Another friend of mine who does original artwork has a blog that I think you would like. Her name is Diane Duda. I think her website is http://www.dudadaze.blogspot.com I have a link to her on my blog under her name. Thanks for all of the beauty your blog provides!

  7. Charlee Gunderson Says:

    Sophie, Ditto on the idea of you coming out with your own line of stamps. I would certainly buy them also. Your work is amazing and I have loved your work on SCS for quite awhile. Welcome to the blogging world.

  8. Denise Says:

    Fantastic Sophie! I know everyone is encouraging you to design stamps. It will happen when the time is right! In the meantime, I am loving your art. My DH draws and I am going to show him your blog. Maybe I can get him to draw me a few pictures that I can watercolor. But don’t worry….no competition on the stamp front. He has no interest….I already asked him!

  9. Sheila Says:

    You’re amazing. Love your work. This card is beautiful. Your husbands pumkins are a nice addition. What a team.

  10. audrie Says:

    I love your story, to think that your husband sat down and participated in your card. I’m jealous.

    Merci, d’avoir partagee ta joie!

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