Santa on a motorcycle

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  I went to my husband’s parents’ house, as did the rest of his family.  There, after an absolutely wonderful dinner, my husband’s sister requested a special card for her boss, who rides a Harley.  She asked if I could draw Santa on a motorcycle.  I said “of course” (she didn’t ask if I could draw it well).   So after I returned home, I googled “Harley motorcycle photo”) and got this.  Well, it was late, late at night when we returned home, and I was pretty groggy from all the awesome food.  I didn’t feel like drawing, so I just did a quick pencil sketch, referring back to the Google photo only to make it look more like a motorcycle than a bicycle *grin*…


I drew this on Neenah’s Paper Classic Linen (Solar White) cardstock instead of watercolour paper, ’cause I thought it would probably be a crappy drawing (why waste good watercolour paper on this? …I mean, I like Neenah’s Paper – it just isn’t ideally suited for watercolours is all), since I was putting so little effort in it (indeed, this motorcycle looks quite wimpy, and not like the Harley I googled…I won’t even get started on the Santa…well okay…why is he so short you wonder? ‘Cause I’m short, that’s why.  …and why are his proportions so off?  Because I need more practice drawing short little men riding motorcycles).  (sorry for the run-on sentences too)

Then I drew over it with a black 005 Micron pen and erased the pencil marks:

Then I coloured it in with Winsor & Newton watercolours…

There. Oh, wait. Um…now I have to make it into a card.   But I so want to go to bed!!!  It’s okay.  I’ll just do the most generic layout there is…
There we go.   Actually, I knew my husband would want to keep the original even though it is crappy and not on actual watercolour paper.  SO, I made a photocopy of Santa with my handy dandy printer/scanner/copier.  Then I mounted the copy (which may be considered superior by some, since it has none of the slight warping caused by the water on the original) on Neenah’s Paper Classic Linen red cardstock.  It still left this disturbing empty space behind his sack there, so I used some stamps from Stampin’ Up’s Holiday Tag Team set for the “very merry Christmas”. I hope the guy likes it and doesn’t mind that the motorcycle doesn’t look like a Harley.


8 Responses to “Santa on a motorcycle”

  1. Godelieve Says:

    This is just fabulous!! Love your drawing/watercoloring, and how speedy it looks 🙂

  2. Michelle Weaver Says:

    For a generic layout, it sure is cute! I love how you break down what you do on your drawings. Very nice to give us the details! I still wish I could draw.

    I’m glad I found your blog (finally)!

  3. mary Says:

    you drew all that and made it into a card in one evening??? Wow, you should be marketing your own stamps!!! How cool would that be?

  4. Sharon (notimetostamp) Says:

    How very cool — you are a wonderful artist!!!

  5. Sheila Says:

    Please start marketing your own stamp line. Your drawings are incredible and your coloring is suberb. I want this as a stamp. I need this as a stamp. I would love to send something like this as a Xmas card to all our biker friends. What a hoot. I, too, am so glad I found your blog.

  6. Mary C. Anderson Says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow! You are very talented. Have you ever thought of making stamps for others(like myeslef) to buy? 😉 Love your card very much.


  7. erinkmckinney Says:

    Wow! What an artist you are!! Your santa on the bike is incredible!!

  8. motorcycle service manuals Says:

    Interesting post, i have bookmarked your site for future referrence 🙂

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