Love birds by Flourishes LLC

I made this card for my sister and my husband wanted to keep it!  Argh.  I love it that he likes my cards so much, but I so dislike making the same card you know?  So I made a similar one here…


It was the perfect opportunity to use one of the stamps from two new stamp sets that I got from Flourishes!  They sent these sets to me for free *happy dance*!  Guess why guess why!  Okay it is because I helped draw some of the line images!  *ear to ear grin*  I have been crowing about this to all my immediate co-workers, but none of them are card makers so they don’t much care.  Doesn’t stop me from crowing.  Hee hee.   

I am so grateful to the Flourishes company for taking a chance on me!  I hope they sell a lot of these sets so they don’t regret it.  (yikes)

I am also grateful to my sister, who provided me with the “training” needed to crank out pictures fast.  She is religious and wanted to help her son learn lots of Bible verses, so she asked if I would be willing to illustrate stuff for the verses so he could look at a picture and remember a phrase from a verse.  I said “sure” so she gave me lists of things to draw.  The first sets of drawings took me a long time – ’cause I would draw it in pencil first and then painstakingly ink over it.  Eventually I got to where I was just cranking them out with no rough draft and no pen and just watercolouring the little scenes right off.  I even pretended I was a company and made up a name for it: 

Discount Illustrations
•Lowest prices! 
•Free shipping and handling!

and then in smaller print:
*satisfaction NOT guaranteed

Heh heh.  Well, my sister is easy to please – she said as long as she asked for a drawing of a man, and got an image that looked more like a man than say, a refrigerator, she’d be happy.   She asked me to make them all a 4 X 6 size so she put them in little photo albums with the picture on one side and the corresponding phrase on the other side. 

Okay, I’m done rambling…I’m going to go surf SCS now and try to start making some Christmas cards!


13 Responses to “Love birds by Flourishes LLC”

  1. nkirk Says:

    Welcome Sophie – what an adorable card!! We are so glad to have you on board.

  2. Sharon (notimetostamp) Says:

    Hi Sohpie!! LOVE this bird card — so happy you drew these up — and your little story and company name crack me up — LOL!!! I hope to stamp tonight — I NEED to make sympathy cards (orders from my DH, I am so shamefully behind on sending some out), and I plan to use one of your new sets!!! I know they aren’t sympathy sets in the least, but I hope to make them work — I love a challenge — LOL!!! Thanks much!!!

  3. Shannan Teubner Says:

    Big congrats, girl…I’ve been waiting to get your images in stamps!! Can’t wait!

  4. Mariana Says:

    che bella card, complimenti

  5. Heather the MooseLover Says:

    Wow- I wouldn’t be as cranky as you if I could draw as well as you! Congrats on the stamp sets!

  6. Mary C. Anderson Says:

    Your card is lovely and I am sure that teh owners of Flourishes are very happy to have you design for them.


  7. Michelle Says:

    I’m so itching to order the sets you’ve helped to create. These love birds are precious! Are there really French sentiments, or did you do those by hand? I’d love some French sentiments!! Excellent card, Sophie! I’m sure Flourishes won’t regret their decision!

  8. Katie Says:

    more! more! more! more illustrations!!!

  9. Molly K. Says:

    Lovely card, so wonderful to see you putting your excellent talents to good use as a stamp designer! Flourishes was smart to snap you up. When will these new sets be available?

  10. crankysophie Says:

    Thanks everyone! I think the new sets will be available later this week!

  11. sewheirloom Says:

    That is one gorgeous card. I love it and am off to check out Flourishes now.

  12. Kerry P Says:

    Sophie…..I am so impressed with your cards and your beautiful artwork. You are a very talented artist. Flourishes is a very lucky company to have your artistic creations. I love the Love Birds stamps. I do have a question for you…I would love to use the corner rounder punch like you did on the Merci Beaucoup and Love Birds cards. Can you share with me what kind of corner punch you used? The look is very different and I really like it alot.



  13. crankysophie Says:

    Good gravy, I forgot to give credit for the punch! Thanks Kerry! It is the Corner Adorner punch by EK success. I think I bought it from here:

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