My sister asked for some more illustrations, one of which included a drunkard.  So I came up with this. 
I did the rough draft in a pale shade of burnt sienna, which is easy to lift ( or “erase”).  I loved painting his face, but I messed up on the shoulders – they should have been more broad.  I also made a mess of his nose, but oh well.  I think his eyebrows are also too dark.  He resembles my image of a drunkard (um, no offence to any drunks who might be reading this!!) more than a refrigerator anyway.  My sister did say that she would be happy if my drawings of any requested male humanoid images resembled men more than say, refrigerators.  She wanted this image for a Bible verse card warning against hanging out with drunkards.  She wants these to help her son memorize verses. 

I think I really like doing rough drafts in (easily lifted) watercolour instead of pencil.  It saves me the trouble of erasing later!


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