Happy New Year everyone!

I took this leftover piece of toile to work with me.

I had used this fabric several years ago to make curtains for the kitchen window, and ever since then, I just liked it more and more, and thought “wouldn’t it be neat if I could draw like that?”  So I tried:


I copied the tree from the piece of fabric.  The girl and the basic window shape are inspired by Flourishes’ Open to Love set.  The girl’s dress is inspired by James Christensen’s art style.  I drew this at work during breaks and lunch time.  I am sooooooo productive during those times at work – probably because I have no access to the internet then.  *grin*  I drew this on Neenah’s Paper (Linen, Baronial Ivory) because I had forgotten to take my Strathmore watercolour pad, otherwise I would have drawn it on that, and watercoloured it later.  Ah well.  Next time.


7 Responses to “Toile”

  1. Sheila Says:

    Wow, you are so good. Who needs stamps if they could sketch like you do. I absolutely love looking at your creations. You never disappoint. Thanks for sharing. Happy 2008!

  2. Jessica Canham Says:

    I think it’s beautiful! It would make a wonderful stamp. I hope to see many more of your sketches in the new year!

  3. Pat Says:

    Beautiful. Your talent is amazing!

  4. Jan Marie (flourishes) Says:

    Oh, Sophie, this is grand…that arch window is truly an opeing for so many things…more stamps I hope.

  5. Nancy Says:

    I always enjoy seeing your creations… if you ever go into the stampmaking business, I would like to request clear polymer stamps, please ;). I used to think, before I started stamping, that I should just draw the pictures myself — but alas, it is time and your talent that I lack… but if I had it, I would turn my drawings into stamps!!

    Your blog is in my favorites and I truly appreciate your inspiration. I’m looking forward to seeing your future artistry as well!!

  6. Nancy Says:

    Okay… looking back at your other entries, I see that I must head over at once to Flourishes!! Sorry I didn’t know… and yet, I am so pleased!!! Congratulations :).

  7. Purnima Says:

    I am enjoying all of your blog so much! I am very glad I happened upon your artwork and it brought me here. I think that your drawing is much better than the fabric! I do hope you might do a watercolor version of this, but I am glad that this drawing is just as it is. I love it!

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