Scribbles and Playdoh

I just returned from visiting my sister and her family!  On the way there, I scribbled a few doodles to help pass the time at the airport…here is one of a girl who sat down in front of me, right in my line of vision.  How convenient for me!  I love it when people make it easy for me to draw them.

A week before, my husband and I had taken a stroll through the mall, and while there, visited a bookstore. While he browsed, I scribbled many of these types of doodles of the people who were in there reading. I sketched an older gentleman. On the airplane ride, I remembered my sketch of him and painted him with watercolours…


At the bookstore, I also sketched a woman. I watercoloured her on the airplane too…


One of the many delightful things we did while I was there was to play with Playdoh. My sister made an awesome birthday cake (out of Playdoh), which inspired me to make a similar one (below) when I returned home. We made many things for my three-year-old nephew to smash and smoosh. He would pretend that he was a front-loader or some other heavy constuction machinery, and then smash the Playdoh cars and other assorted items we made for him. I had so much fun that I bought my own Playdoh on the way home from the airport and played some more with it!


One Response to “Scribbles and Playdoh”

  1. Mary Duffek Says:

    Awesome drawings/paintings of the people….That is sooo cool that you can do that! They look amazing!

    Lovey the playdough “play”. the cake is too cute!

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