Magazine and ice cream

I saw this guy at the bookstore…

…and then at the ice cream store!

I think he got some nasty flavour, like mango or pineapple, or some other tropical fruit. I myself got a much better flavour – cookies and cream!  Of course, he kept moving when he was eating the ice cream cone, but I’ve learned that if I wait, people will switch back to the same position numerous times before they notice my unwelcome stare and get up to leave.  No, just kidding…I always try to be discreet when I draw someone.  If I don’t, then I risk having them ask “may I see?” whereupon they are always disappointed that the sketch looks nothing like them whatsoever.  *grin*


2 Responses to “Magazine and ice cream”

  1. Mary Duffek Says:

    These are great scetches!

  2. Denise Says:

    love these! I wonder if these people notice when you are drawing them?? Are you peeking from behind a tree? I can just see it! LOL!! great work, as always, Sophie.

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