Gifts, Hell

My sister requested more illustrations for her Bible verse memorization cards (she uses these to help her son memorize Bible verses)…

She wanted a table piled high with free gifts and several people taking them.   She wanted a scruffy teenager, a professional person, and a handicapped person. 

For this one, she requested that a guy be taking out a payment which indicates that he’s going to hell.  She suggested a fire with a gate in front of it.   Well, I liked her idea, and since I’m not a Christian (and so theoretically would be the recipient of one of these), I decided to draw some document that, upon opening, I would at least think was pleasing to the eye. 

Hope she likes these illustrations!


One Response to “Gifts, Hell”

  1. Mary Duffek Says:

    Lovey your illustrations for your sister! You are tooo talented!

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