Skinny frog


I was rummaging through my husband’s stuff (with his permission), and found this.  I had drawn it as a counterpart to this chubby frog.  My husband had asked me to draw him a fat frog (because he likes frogs).  So I drew him the chubby one, and then he asked for a skinny frog to go with it, so I drew this one.  This was back in January 2007, before I discovered real watercolour paper and better watercolour pigments.  This is mostly painted on just textured paper (not really watercolour paper) and with Crayola watercolours.  That feather on the hat is inspired by James Christensen’s drawings of feathers.  My husband shaded the hat and the belt, and added the words (“Boy, it’s awesome what a diet of low-calorie flies does for you”).  He also added the scribble in the corner which is supposed to be a fly, with the words “low-calorie fly”.  


2 Responses to “Skinny frog”

  1. Kandi Says:

    Thanks for the chuckle today!!!!!!

    I enjoy all your drawings!!! Oh how I wish I could
    draw like that.


  2. Tiya-B Says:

    I love the frog and the saying.
    your drawings are fantastic.

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