60’s Grooviness

My husband’s cousin got invited to a birthday party with a 60’s theme. He asked for my help in making a card for the birthday guy.  Of course, I happily agreed.  Then I realized that I had no images of anything even remotely 60’s related.  In desperation I turned to my handy dandy punches, and they saved the day!  

Since my husband’s cousin was helping the birthday guy decorate for the party, I asked what kind of decorations they had, and he said they were cutting out lots of circles in turquoise, neon green, neon pink, bright yellow, etc.  Hurray!  I actually had all those colours in cardstock!  So, that decided my colour theme. 


There is no stamping on this card;  just punch-outs, and more punch-outs.  I brought out my entire arsenal of circle punches, plus this one weird-shaped Stampin’ Up! punch that looked 60-ish to me (er, no, I didn’t buy that punch;  I got it for free months ago *grin*  And this was the first time I used it!).   The two big central circles, I had to cut out by hand.  None of my punches are that big. 

None of my alphabet sets looked 60-ish to me, so I went into Adobe Illustrator, and with liberal use of the “help” function (and after a few hours of watching instructional videos on a very helpful Adobe website), I managed to create the words “Happy 30th Birthday Michael!” in a circle shape!  I bought Illustrator sometime last year and am still reeling from the price tag.  So…it’s good that it is helping me to make cards.  Only after the entire card was glued and taped together did I think to call my husband’s cousin to ascertain that the birthday dude’s name was actually “Michael” and that it was actually spelled with the usual spelling, and that he was actually turning 30.  Well!  Fortunately for me, everything was correct, so I didn’t have to re-do the card!

And here is the inside…


I hope Michael likes it!


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