Orange Tulips

I took my car in to the shop the other day.  While waiting, I was painting a girl with a really neat dress from a page my husband tore out of a magazine, but ran out of black paint.  Argh!!!  So I looked around the waiting room and saw the shop’s Easter decorations, which included a pot of fake orange tulips with plastic Easter eggs lying in and around the pot.  I drew the tulips, but left out the Easter eggs.  I photographed the original with a Stampin’ Spot to show how small it really was. 


Then I got an email from my husband’s sister asking if I could make her a couple of Mother’s Day cards.  I thought, oh NO, it’s going to be Mother’s Day already!!!  Well, that won’t actually be ’til May right?  Anyway.  So I start thinking about making a Mother’s Day card for my own mom too.  But my mom prefers my actual artwork to stamped images!  But the problem is, my husband keeps all my original artwork. 

No problem!  I have my handy dandy scanner, which I used to scan the tulips.  I scanned it in at 600 dpi (dots per inch) because I know I’ll have to be printing this out later (on Neenah’s Classic Linen Solar White cardstock).  Then I used PhotoShop to edit and crop the scan.  Then I opened Adobe Illustrator and placed the orange tulips in there.  I also re-sized it in Illustrator.  Then I used the Papyrus font in a colour pulled from the tulips to make the sentiment. Voilà!  A card for my mom (and my husband’s mom) with a copy of my artwork on it. 

This would’ve been for my husband’s sister to give to their mom…but my husband is keeping this to give to their mom instead.  So I still have to make another card for my husband’s sister to give to their mom.  This card-making thing seems to be never-ending, which I don’t mind at all ’cause I like making cards!  And, I like watercolouring!


2 Responses to “Orange Tulips”

  1. Denise Says:

    Love this one, Sophie! Gorgeous drawing. I don’t blame your hubby for wanting to keep all your artwork. Fabulous watercoloring! This card is simple, but elegant and beautiful!

  2. Charmaine Says:

    Sopie you are an amazing talent! I always enjoy visiting your blog to see your latest drawing/watercolour. Do you ever sell your art work or does your husband keep it all? 🙂 I would love to have something you’ve created.


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