Dad’s stamp

Today I received a custom stamp in the mail from Imagine Stamps.  I was so excited!  My dad had given me an envelope with this on it: 
He asked if I could make a rubber stamp of that image (he’s got penpals in China).  Only, he wanted the inverted image (so he would be stamping the words, not everything surrounding the word outlines).  And then he asked if I could make a box around the words, that was smaller than the original box.  I said of course I could do that!  After all, I am the family stamper!  I was very excited about my first real Photoshop project, tiny as it was.  *grin*  After all, I had sacrificed many, many stamp purchases just to be able to purchase this software!  So I scanned it in at 300 dpi, put the image in grayscale, inverted it, lightened the exposure to get rid of the remaining stuff surrounding the words, and “drew” a box around it, using the pencil (or pen?  I forgot) tool. 

Then I emailed several companies (one rubber and two photopolymer ones), and Rebecca Phelps of Imagine Stamps was the first one to respond, so I emailed her the image, which she quickly transformed into this photopolymer stamp!
How cool is that??  I quickly made a box to house this lovely little stamp (lovely ’cause I helped to make it!  *huge grin*) and the red Marvy inkpad.  (He had requested red ink to use with his stamp).  I made a box ’cause otherwise I fear all they would be eventually separated (um, not that my dad is not very organized or anything…). 

So here is the box with everything in it:

And here is the box lid…
I stamped the lid with my dad’s stamp and with the bird stamp from Flourishes LLC’s Open to Love set.  The mental image of this bird flying across the ocean with a letter (airmail!) was really comical to me. 

This lid took me three tries to get right!  I had made the box first, and then the lid.  Well, the first two lids were TOO BIG.  Argh.  Anyway, the third time it came out all right. 

This is the box with the lid on it and everything inside, ready for me to present to my dad!
I hope he likes it!


3 Responses to “Dad’s stamp”

  1. Ret Says:

    … Love the stamp & box you made for your Dad! I’m sure he’s going to just LOVE IT!!!! Checked your gallery out on SCS (can you believe I actually remembered your user name!!) & am impressed with your lovely work!!

    happy stampin’

  2. Denise Says:

    So that’s how you get a stamp made! Well done. He is going to love it. Nice extra touches with the packaging for him!

  3. Nancy Says:

    This is such a cute stamp. I can hardly wait ’till you start making more 🙂
    I keep checking back to see………

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