For her birthday celebration, Jan Marie of Flourishes LLC gave away presents!  And I got a gift package from her!  I was absolutely floored by her generosity, so I made her a thank-you card of COURSE… here it is. 


I used that little cage/lamp shape and the heart flowers from their very own Open to Love set, and the sentiment “Thank you” from their Flourished Words stamp set.  I drew a lamppost to hang the lamp from, and watercoloured it with Winsor & Newton watercolours on Strathmore’s 140 lb cold-pressed watercolour paper.  I finally learned how to lay down a background with watercolour (use a large brush and paint quickly, before the water dries!), but obviously I still need to learn how to blend two colours together!  I just didn’t know how to make it seem like the lamp light was glowing into the night.  Grrr. 

The whole time I was painting and re-painting the black and yellow parts, I was singing “Lili Marlène” because of the lyrics “…Devant la caserne quand le jour s’enfuit/ La vieille lanterne soudain s’allume et luit” which means “In front of the barracks, when the daylight flees/  The old lantern suddenly turns on and shines”.  This beloved war song was originally written in  German, but it is the French version that I know (and was singing). 

Inside the card I wrote “thank you for brightening my day”… but now that I think about it, I should’ve written “thank you for brightening my month” or something, ’cause it’s been much more than a day, and I am still grinning about it. 


One Response to “Lantern”

  1. Michelle Weaver Says:

    This is beautiful, Sophie! Lucky you to get a surprise, and lucky her for getting this lovely thank you card! Your watercoloring makes me want to paint.

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