House Mouse Clovers

I know it’s a bit after St. Patrick’s Day, but uh… oh well.  It is a really big holiday here in my home ’cause my husband’s name is Patrick.  *grin*  AND his favourite colour is green!  So I love colouring in this House Mouse Clover image for him…

Um… this is unfortunately what it looked like ON Saint Patrick’s Day.  Luckily for me, he didn’t mind.  He told me to take my time, but to colour it well, instead of hurrying and doing a bad job.  This is the first time ever that I’ve used watercolours on this image.  All the previous years I had coloured it in with chalks, coloured pencils, and markers.  I find watercolours to be so much more satisfying!  But it is time consuming too!  Several days later, I finished it…

…and there it sat on the table, where I had grand plans to make it into a card.  Alas, I never did, but that was okay with him too.  He loved all the different greens I used. 

I stamped the image on Strathmore’s 140 lb cold-pressed watercolour paper with Memories Black ink, and then used Winsor & Newton Cotman (student-grade) tube watercolours.  The clovers in particular are different shades of only Viridian Green. 


3 Responses to “House Mouse Clovers”

  1. Sophia Szanto Says:

    This is a beautiful job on the watercoloring! Somehow there is nothing quite as lovely as watercolors. Thanks so much for the advice also !

  2. Lydia Says:

    Ohhhh – he’s beautiful!! What kind of ink do you you use to overcome the texture of that paper?? It’s stamped so crisply! Do tell!

  3. Charmaine Says:

    He’s so adorable…I love the coloring Sophie.


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