Jaguar (the car)

I went with my husband to his dental appointment.  The waiting room was freezing, so I wandered outside to thaw.  I sat down on a parking lot curb and drew the car that was parked right in front of my sitting spot.

I noticed that the word on the car said “Jaguar”, so inside, I asked the receptionist if she knew who the Jaguar belonged to.  She said it belonged to the dentist.  Then I showed her my drawing.  She oohed and ahhed and then jokingly said “What, you’d rather draw the Jaguar than my minivan that is parked next to it?” 

Um, yikes, I didn’t even notice any minivan anywhere!


One Response to “Jaguar (the car)”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Oh, Sophie! Jags are my favorite “fancy” car. We don’t see many of them around here anymore, so lucky you for getting to see one up close. Some day…

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