Provence Staircase

I saw this stamp of stairs and thought about it for months before finally buying it from Serendipity Stamps.  I just could not let go of this beautiful image!  I decided to use it for a card swap that I have with a co-worker. 

I stamped this image with Memories Black ink onto Strathmore’s 140 lb cold-pressed watercolour paper.  Then I scored the paper around the image and tore it along the score lines.  Next I examined the image for lines that didn’t quite show up, due to the bumpy texture of the paper.  I go over the thicker lines with a PITT artist pen and the thinner lines with a 005 Micron pen.  Then I started to watercolour it first with a layer of Winsor & Newton’s Yellow Ochre:


Then I added a layer of Winsor & Newton’s Burnt Sienna:


 Then some shadows with Winsor & Newton’s Burnt Umber… I followed the “shadow lines” on the image – the thicker and denser the lines, the darker the paint.  I tried to keep the top of the stairs with less colour contrast than the bottom, because the bottom is closer and I want more contrast there. 

Next I add bright spots of colour with Winsor & Newton’s Alizaron Crimson Hue:

Then it’s green’s turn.  Winsor & Newton’s Viridian Green mixed with Yellow Cadmium Hue or Burnt Sienna (or both):

Now for the pots… in Grumbacher’s Indigo Hue.  This is the only non-Winsor & Newton paint tube I have.  I found this tube at my parents’ house.  They don’t paint, and they don’t know how it got there so they said I could have it.  *grin*

There!  All painted!  Now for the layers underneath.  On Neenah’s Classic Linen Paper (Baronial Ivory), I sponged the bottom-most layer with Tim Holtz’s Scattered Straw and Brushed Corduroy inks, and then stamped Anna Griffin’s Swirl Motif with Stampin’ Up! Buckaroo Blue ink.  On the smaller layer, I used a stamp from Stampin’ Up!’s A to Z Accents set and stamped that in Buckaroo Blue all around the edges.  This is a slightly larger card than normal – 5″ x 7″.  I recently bought a box of envelopes for this size and am loving this size for larger stamped images! 

Here is the finished card:


I scored the watercolour paper heavily, and then tore along score lines instead of cutting the paper.  (This tearing of watercolour paper was inspired SCS’s Mrs Noofy, who sent me some wonderful paintings on beautifully torn watercolour paper!)  Then I cut out another piece of paper and punched the corners with an inset small corner punch (like this).  Then I positioned it on top of the watercolour paper and traced the edges with a 005 black Micron pen for an additional outline.  I wanted to do this ’cause I didn’t want the brads to be too close to the corners of the paper. 

I hope my co-worker likes it!


3 Responses to “Provence Staircase”

  1. craftylyra Says:

    Your work is absolutely gorgeous and inspirational.

  2. meda Says:

    Beautiful card! I love the way you explained the whole watercoloring process. I also have found out that you are using watercolor paint in tubes. Do you prefer them to those that come in a tray?

  3. Sandra Says:

    Hello Sophie.

    LOVE this one!


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