Gnome Sweet Home

A friend of ours had invited a bunch of us to her new home for lunch.  She likes gnomes, so I made her a card with gnomes.  My husband wanted a copy of the card, so I made him one too.  This is the front of the card:

“Félicitations” means “Congratulations”, and is from Stampin’ Up!’s French version of Fundamental Phrases.  The gnome is from Stampin’ Up!’s Knobbly Gnomes. It’s probably not obvious from the photo, but there is a drop of Crystal Effects on the dew drop on the leaf.  Also, the flower is two layers.  The frame is from Purple Onion Designs, and the phrase “New Home” is from Flourishes LLC’s Flourished Words stamp set.  I stamped everything on Strathmore’s 140 lb cold pressed watercolour paper with Memories Black ink, and had a ball watercolouring it (with Winsor & Newman Cotman watercolours). 

Then for the inside.  I knew this lady also liked books, so the gnome reading a book was perfect.  But I wanted him to be reading the book inside his house, not on a mushroom.  I drew a rough draft:


Sad to say, I ran out of time, and this is all the lady got… a black and white pen drawing of the house interiour with a cut-out (but fully watercoloured!) gnome in the chair.  But I came back and finished my husband’s version:

Actually, I let it just sit around for a few days while I made other cards.  I finally decided that the only way I was going to finish it would be to bring it to work with me, where during the break and lunch times I would be forced to complete it to avoid being bored out of my mind.  So that is how I finished it. 


And what self-respecting gnome would have a dainty flower lamp?!  Well, it was a gift from his girlfriend. 


11 Responses to “Gnome Sweet Home”

  1. Cindy H. Says:

    What a talent you have, Sophie! Fantastic sketching and gorgeous watercoloring!! I always enjoy looking at your art here and at SCS! tfs

  2. Sophia Szanto Says:

    Oh I love your gnome on a chair! It is beautiful. You have such a gift for sketching. It truly looks like a comfy gnome hole ( i would not mind having a hole like that to escape to. The first card is also so sweet, but I always love the most when you add your own elements!

  3. Liz Says:

    wonderful card Sophie! i love your talent!

    Liz (ececsy on SCS)

  4. Chris Says:

    Your sketches and your storytelling…I love them both! Tell that little gnome that his girlfriend has good taste in lamps! 😀

  5. meda Says:

    I really love your drawing and the fact that each card has a story of its own. Can I ask you how you get the duplicates of your images? I think I would like to draw my own imageson cards just like you do. I usually make large 50×70 cm drawings but I think I could try smaller scale too.

  6. Charmaine Says:

    This card is adorable! Love the inside.


  7. Laura Says:

    I am looking at all your new cards before I go to work this morning, and I must say that you have inspired me! I wish I could stay home and stamp!!!

    Your work is pure and total genius!!!! Thank you for sharing it!

  8. Mitchygitchygoomy Says:

    Sophie, this gnome card is fantastically crafted. I bid on that set at a silent auction but didn’t end up with it (too bad). I love all the stamps you have so masterfully masked and colored and all your inside sketching complete with the added feminine touch that any self respecting gnome knows he better leave just the way she put it!!! I’m so glad your lunches and breaks are boring enough to make you finish up your mini masterpieces. Your husband must have quite a collection of them himself!!!

  9. Hatch Says:

    Great work on the gnome cards…I’m a big fan of Gnomes!

  10. elizabeth Says:

    I’m almost speechless. This is COMPLETELY OVER THE TOP and FULL OF CREATIVITY! How do I get a background stamp or digital file of that background you drew? I ADORE IT!!

  11. Su G Says:

    I love how you placed the gnomes. This is one of my all time favorite sets, I wish mine came out as beautiful as yours.

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