JustRite Thanks

This is a long over-due card for Jan Marie of Flourishes LLC

She sent me a ton of JustRite DIY Monogram Stamper stuff a while ago!  Ahhh, I was in ecstasy!  I plunged right into playing with them, and forgot to make her a thank-you card!  I was reading a thread about thank-you cards on SCS and just realized it.  Doh! 

The round image was, of course, made with the JustRite stamps (and their helpful tweezers!).  I really love this circle format.  I know it was intended to be used with monograms, but I love just putting a normal sentiment around the edge.  This way, I can make sure that the words on the bottom half are not upside down, like in so many other circle-shaped sentiments.  And the small blank space in the center is just perfect for the hundreds of tiny small stamps that I have!

The other bird stamps are from Flourishes LLC’s Love Nest and Open to Love.  I got the idea for this layout from the monthly card workshop I go to…three squares and a circle – easy peasy!  Except that I didn’t have a bird image to face the right.  I wanted the bird in the lower left hand corner to face the right side, but didn’t have one!  Grr.  So I drew one, in pencil first, and then with ink (a 005 Micron pen). 

“Merci” is French for “Thanks” and “Danke” is German for “Thanks”.  I think Jan Marie told me once she speaks a little German.  I hope she likes it and pardons me for being so late!


3 Responses to “JustRite Thanks”

  1. JustRite Stampers Says:

    Great card and creative use of the Monogram Stamper and Small letters. We have added you to our Google Reader favorites.

  2. Cindy H. Says:

    Oh, Sophie, this is soooo adorable!! Great coloring!! TFS

  3. Charmaine Says:

    I think she’ll forgive you…so very cute…


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