Wedding cards

Okay, so I was reading this thread about some couples competing to win a dream wedding.  Somewhere in the thread, people were saying, hey, let’s make wedding cards for all the couples!  And I thought, “boy, that would be fun!!”  So I set out to make twelve wedding cards, which was pretty silly of me and crazy too, ’cause it usually takes me a looooong time to make one card!!  Also, I still had to make two birthday cards and one graduation card, all requested by my mom, and a thank-you card requested by my brother.  But did I make those cards requested by my loved ones?  Noooooo.  I had my heart set on making these wedding cards for strangers (where are my priorities?).  Well!  So I made the first one:

and then I thought, “well, I have to make eleven more…hm.  Let’s eliminate the different colours of green, pink, and orange – let’s just make it all purple – that would make it go faster”  So here is the second card with the hedgehog’s surroundings in pale purple:

…and the other bonus to the all-purple theme was, I could use up some of the light purple cardstock that I bought years and years ago! 

I went back to the first card and added a fun little hedgehog in the inside:

I drew a veil on this hedgehog, and then used a white gel pen for the veil and flowers.  Then it occurred to me that this looks really neat, for a lot less work, which matters a lot because I still had ten cards more to go!

So, this is what the remaining ten cards look like:

*shamed grin*  Well, this is as simple as it gets!  I like the pale purple better than the grey for this, because the white spots show up better.  This was very quick and simple, but it still took me a loooooooong time to get those cards done, because I still had to write messages on the inside and address the envelopes!   I think this was just a project I used as procrastination of making the cards I need to make!  *another shamed grin*  Oh well.  I really, really love these Penny Black images!!  They are the clear stamp versions.  I bought all the clear Penny Black stamp sets that I could find at Paper Garden Projects when they were having a sale!  These stamps are not made of high-quality photopolymer, but they stamp well nevertheless.

The sentiments (“Best Wishes” and “Congratulations”) are from Flourishes LLC’s Flourished Words stamp set (which is high-quality photopolymer).  This set is so versatile!  For the “Best Wishes” on the first two cards, I actually cut apart the phrase so that I could position the words in a diagonal instead of having it in a straight line. 


8 Responses to “Wedding cards”

  1. craftylyra Says:

    I love the hedgehog with the veil!! That is too cute.

  2. Jean Speirs Says:

    just love those hedgehogs

  3. chelsey bubblegum girl Says:

    Cute cards! hey Sophie i tagged you at my blog,

  4. Laurie in MN Says:

    I am not the only person who procrastinates. I’ve been known to clean the house instead of writing a quick Thank You note.

    I am going to check back to see the cards you make for your Mom and Bro. After I weed the garden. LOL

  5. Lori Barnett Says:

    I love those hedghogs!! Way cute! I have a question. You mentioned that the clear stamps were not high quality? Are you talking about the Penny Black clear stamps? I was just wondering…cause when I got the Zoophabet set…when I went to remove a stamp off the package…it seemed like it would rip real easy if I was not carefull pulling it off. Just wondering.

  6. Alexandra Says:

    So sweet !! I love !

  7. Cindy H. Says:

    These are all so cute, Sophie!! I love the veil that you drew – such talent!! TFS

  8. Charmaine Says:

    And here I was thinking the “bride” hedgehog was a complete stamp! Great job with the veil and flowers…I like the little guy with the heart bubbles too…VERY adorable cards…all of them.


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