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Dad’s 2008 birthday card

July 31, 2008

I made this card for my dad…

The beautiful toadstools are by Serendipity Stamps, and are mounted on dimensionals. 

“Happy Birthday” is from Flourishes LLC’s Flourished Words stamp set.  This phrase came as one stamp, but I’ve since cut it apart so that I can position each word exactly where I want it. 

I wrote out “Dad” by hand.  It’s crooked, but he won’t mind.  I wanted to put swirls in the background, but restrained myself because there are already flowers in this card (next to the toadstools).

For a total list of all supplies used, you can look at this card’s SCS entry.


More ribbon bows

July 31, 2008

Here are more bows made by my sister Christina…

The little roses are pre-made;  she just tacks them onto the ribbon underneath. 

I love these blue argyle ones!

I think my niece has a lavender shirt with a purple hippo on it, and my sister made these to match…

I LOVE the butterfly charms here!

They are even prettier in real life!!

Ribbon Hairbows

July 28, 2008

My sister Christina recently showed me some hairbows she made with ribbon for her baby daughter.  She gave me permission to photograph them!  Here are some of them in all their glory:

 The next one is my favourite one – I love this ribbon combination!!

Are these not totally gorgeous?!!!  I bow to her as the Ribbon Queen.  I found the book Ribbonwork: The Complete Guide on her bookcase, among other ribbon books, but this is the one I looked at and read during free moments.  Christina said she did not hand-make some of the little roses;  some of those are pre-made and were bought at various craft stores, and all she did was stitch them on.  She also said she did actually just use “cheap craft ribbon” which the book warns against.  These photos do not do them justice.  In real life they are even more cute and adorable, and are just totally perfect for my little niece’s little wisps of hair!  AND, they match her outfits!!!

Autumn Bears

July 4, 2008

I couldn’t wait to make some autumn cards, so I didn’t (wait).  I made this one for my husband…


and this one for my nephew…

My husband was there the whole time that I was making these, so he got to have some input of what went onto his card.  He didn’t want the swirls (by Autumn Leaves)… that was the major difference.  Another difference is, I used Stampin’ Up!’s Hodgepodge Antique Brass hardware for my husband, but for my nephew, I used faux-hardware stamps (by The Angel Company).   Ah yes, and then French for my husband (“Bonjour” from Stampin’ Up!’s Carte Postale) but English for my nephew (“Hello” from Flourishes LLC).

On my nephew’s card, I experimented with Stampin’ Up!’s Very Vanilla craft ink.  The ink pad was really dry, so I re-inked it.  It seemed somewhat, um, runny, compared to Stampin’ Up! Whisper White ink.  Well, I tried it anyway, so that is why my nephew’s card is all splotchy and messy.  On my husband’s card, I switched back to Whisper White, and his damask images (by Rusty Pickle ) are nice and neat.  *sigh*

I think everything else is the same.  The adorable bear is by Angi B & Co (but alas, they are now out of business).  But you can still get the bear wood-mounted from Wood Cellar Graphics (under their button “Fall Images”).  Wood Cellar Graphics and SmARTworks are two companies that I know of, who are new homes for some Angi B stamps.

I made my own patterned paper for these two cards.  The stripes were made with Stampendous’ Geo Shapes set, and the dotted lines behind the bear were made with Purple Onion Design’s Dotted Journaling Lines (stamped twice).

To see a comprehensive list of other stuff used to make these cards, you can click on their SCS entries:
Husband’s card
Nephew’s card

Hedgehog Princess

July 2, 2008

I made this card for my niece:

Actually, my husband is keeping this, but I made a copy of it for my niece.  Her name is Melody, so I put some music notes (by Purple Onion Designs) at the bottom.  Her middle name means “royalty” so I drew a princess hat on the hedgehog (by Penny Black).  “Hello” is by Flourishes LLC

The heart is from Stampin’ Up!’s Happy Hearts.
The flowers are from Stampin’ Up!’s Office Accoutrements.

Green church card

July 1, 2008

My mom wanted to know if I could make two birthday cards for her two pastors.  This is the second card (first card is in the previous post).  I’m not religious, so I don’t have any religious stamps.  Her pastors are a husband/wife team, so of course they would see each other’s cards, so I had to make them similar yet different.  I didn’t have another paperback book available with an image of a church (see previous post), so I spent hours online perusing clip art.  I found Watton’s website with a great image (listed on the website as 02) of a church. I saved it, printed it out, and used my makeshift light table (a glass table with a lamp under it) to trace the most important lines from it onto Strathmore’s 140 lb cold pressed watercolour paper…

Then I watercoloured it. 

I scanned this in at 300 dpi and placed it into Adobe Illustrator.  Then I went to Top Bible Verses to get a verse that I thought might be suitable for a birthday card.  I clicked on the darkest part of the church’s roof to get the dark brown for the colour of the words.  Then I printed it out on cardstock (Neenah Paper Classic Linen [Solar White]).  Here it is:

I like this card far better than the other one, and I hope my mom chooses this one for the female pastor! 

Orange church card

July 1, 2008

My mom asked me to make her two birthday cards for her church’s two pastors.  She said she wanted them to be big (so the church members could write in it) and religious.  I don’t have any religious stamps ’cause I’m not religious.  But I remembered a paperback book I have (Courrier des Villages by Clément Marchand) with a picture of a church on the cover.  The church was a wood engraving by Rodolphe Duguay.  I freehand-copied the basic structure of part of his church…

Then I watercoloured it, taking colour cues from Suzanne Brind’amour, who coloured Duguay’s church for Clément Marchand’s book cover…

Then I went to Top Bible Verses to get some verse that I thought might be suitable for a birthday card.

Then I scanned it in at 300 dpi (because of course my husband wants to keep the actual watercolour), placed it into Adobe Illustrator, put a verse on there, and printed it out on 8.5 x 11 cardstock (Neenah Paper Classic Linen [Solar White]) and folded it in half.  I printed out three ghastly copies of it before finally realizing that I needed a new colour cartridge in the printer.  I gave the rejects to my favourite religious co-worker who always finds time to debate and argue with me.  She liked them, but only ’cause she didn’t see the best version.  Hee hee.  This is what the best version looks like. 

My mom’s pastors are a husband and wife team.  I intend for this one to be for the guy, ’cause it’s uglier than the other card (in my opinion).  Guys (except mine) care less about cards anyhow, uh, right?  Well, ultimately, it is my mom’s decision.  But I’ll urge her to give this one to the guy.  I hope he likes it. 

Bible school graduation

July 1, 2008

My mom asked me to make her a graduation card for one of her pastors who will soon graduate from Bible school.  Of course, she wanted it to be religious.  I’m not religious so I don’t have any religious stamps.  The good news… it will be for a woman!  Hurray!  I can incorporate girlie images! 

So I went to the internet to look for free clip art.  After several hours, I got a headache.  Nothing I had found was large enough to fit on a big card (5.5 x 8.5 inches).  So I finally just made myself draw a Bible and get it over with.  I stamped the rose-enclosed diploma by Rubber Stampede, and drew the Bible behind it (first in pencil, then in ink).  Unfortunately, I was falling asleep as I drew the “text”.  I tried my best to follow the curve of the page, but… I was so, soooo sleepy.  Anyway.  Then I couldn’t decide what to do with it.  I cut it out.  And there it sat for a few days.  Finally I made myself come back to finish the card.  I stamped the bottom and the top flourish (by Technique Tuesday  I stamped out all the rest of the elements – it’s a graduation card, so I used “Congratulations” by Flourishes LLC.  I used Stampin’ Up!’s large oval punch to punch it out.  Then I found that Brenda Walton’s oval frame fit perfectly around this oval!  Then, to make myself feel better about this card, I stamped some Penny Black characters (mouse and butterflies, hedgehog) in there.  I think these little characters improve the card by 1000% or more.  Here it is…

I hope it is to my mom’s satisfaction!  I can write the pastor’s name in the top or bottom flourish if she wants as well.  I was going to do that, but my husband said it would look tacky.  So I’ll leave it up to my mom. 

Chinese peaches

July 1, 2008

A co-worker asked me if I could paint some peaches onto a plate.  I said, sure, but only if she could not find anyone else, because I had never painted on plates before (only on paper).  I said I didn’t want to mess up her plate.  But she wanted me to paint the peaches anyway.  Well, so here they are…

She gave me the little red envelope (for me to copy from), and the plate, which she said only cost $1.50, so it would be okay if I messed it up.  *grin*  She asked if I could paint the peaches in colour, and the words too.  Actually, she had two envelopes, but I chose this one because the Chinese characters looked easier to copy in this one. 

So I took her plate, and did a rough draft in watercolour.  Of course, that was an easy five-minute job.  Then I confidently took out my husband’s acrylics (with his permission) and mixed red and yellow to get the peach colour.  I mixed in a lot of water so it would be kind of like watercolours (and more familiar for me to work with).  I laid down the colour of both peaches and waited for them to dry, but the right-side peach dried with lighter spots!  I did not want to go back in and disturb how the paint lay.  Though I should have.  But going on…  I got to the stem and realized that I needed brown.  Uh oh. 

No brown in my husband’s acrylics!  Only red, blue, and yellow.  Um, okay.  The last time I mixed brown was more than a decade ago, in a community college art class specializing in colours, which I ended up dropping because mixing colours was too difficult for me!!!  So I asked him “What’s brown???”  He said “red, blue, and green”.  So I thought… okay… green is yellow and blue, so that would be a double dose of blue, plus red plus yellow.  Nope.  I kept adding more and more pigment, and it was turning purple, due to the high amount of blue… finally I asked “How do you get brown using purple?”  He said “add green”.  *SIGH*  Okay, that meant, add yellow and blue.  I decided to just try to add yellow and not blue, since there was already a ton of blue.  At this point, I was wondering why the heck he did not buy brown acrylic paint!!!  And then I remembered that it was because I persuaded him not to (so I could buy more of what I wanted to buy!).  Well, I finally got brown.  But now I had a huge pool of brown, when I only needed a tiny bit for the stem.  Argh!

And then I painted the leaves, and noticed that the brush strokes were really evident once the paint was more dry.  So I used the brushstrokes to emulate the leaf veins.  My husband looked at it at this point and was impressed, but said, “uh, honey, those are not what peaches look like!  If you want, we have some real peaches in the fridge…”  *laugh*  Actually, in real life I have never seen peaches this shape either. 

And then I really, really wanted to stamp some cards instead of continuing with this, but I had to finish this before the acrylic paint dried!  So I stampeded through the copying of the characters, which shows.  But I thought back to the fact that it was only a $1.50 plate (and I really wanted to make some cards right then and there!!!), so eh *shrug* I didn’t re-do it.  But I should have.

I don’t know what the characters mean, though I am sure it is something nice and pleasant. 

My co-worker seemed pleased with the result… at any rate, she refrained from remarking on the terrible copying of the characters and the light spots on the right-side peach.  She did say she liked the watercolour one better than the plate one!  (yes, um, that’s because I have brown in watercolour pigment).  Well, I hope she liked it.