Bible school graduation

My mom asked me to make her a graduation card for one of her pastors who will soon graduate from Bible school.  Of course, she wanted it to be religious.  I’m not religious so I don’t have any religious stamps.  The good news… it will be for a woman!  Hurray!  I can incorporate girlie images! 

So I went to the internet to look for free clip art.  After several hours, I got a headache.  Nothing I had found was large enough to fit on a big card (5.5 x 8.5 inches).  So I finally just made myself draw a Bible and get it over with.  I stamped the rose-enclosed diploma by Rubber Stampede, and drew the Bible behind it (first in pencil, then in ink).  Unfortunately, I was falling asleep as I drew the “text”.  I tried my best to follow the curve of the page, but… I was so, soooo sleepy.  Anyway.  Then I couldn’t decide what to do with it.  I cut it out.  And there it sat for a few days.  Finally I made myself come back to finish the card.  I stamped the bottom and the top flourish (by Technique Tuesday  I stamped out all the rest of the elements – it’s a graduation card, so I used “Congratulations” by Flourishes LLC.  I used Stampin’ Up!’s large oval punch to punch it out.  Then I found that Brenda Walton’s oval frame fit perfectly around this oval!  Then, to make myself feel better about this card, I stamped some Penny Black characters (mouse and butterflies, hedgehog) in there.  I think these little characters improve the card by 1000% or more.  Here it is…

I hope it is to my mom’s satisfaction!  I can write the pastor’s name in the top or bottom flourish if she wants as well.  I was going to do that, but my husband said it would look tacky.  So I’ll leave it up to my mom. 


2 Responses to “Bible school graduation”

  1. Cindy H. Says:

    Beautiful card!! You should be drawing for some of these rubberstamp companies! The bible is gorgeous!!

  2. Charmaine Says:

    I’m glad you put in the hedgehogs and butterflies…it looks like they are celebrating the graduation 🙂


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