Green church card

My mom wanted to know if I could make two birthday cards for her two pastors.  This is the second card (first card is in the previous post).  I’m not religious, so I don’t have any religious stamps.  Her pastors are a husband/wife team, so of course they would see each other’s cards, so I had to make them similar yet different.  I didn’t have another paperback book available with an image of a church (see previous post), so I spent hours online perusing clip art.  I found Watton’s website with a great image (listed on the website as 02) of a church. I saved it, printed it out, and used my makeshift light table (a glass table with a lamp under it) to trace the most important lines from it onto Strathmore’s 140 lb cold pressed watercolour paper…

Then I watercoloured it. 

I scanned this in at 300 dpi and placed it into Adobe Illustrator.  Then I went to Top Bible Verses to get a verse that I thought might be suitable for a birthday card.  I clicked on the darkest part of the church’s roof to get the dark brown for the colour of the words.  Then I printed it out on cardstock (Neenah Paper Classic Linen [Solar White]).  Here it is:

I like this card far better than the other one, and I hope my mom chooses this one for the female pastor! 


5 Responses to “Green church card”

  1. dini Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your design process on this – I am saving it so I can come back and study it more! I love how this turned out, even if it wasn’t ‘your thing’!!
    Dina @ mamadinis

  2. Cindy H. Says:

    Wow, a lot of work and well worth it! This is soooo lovely!! TFS

  3. Cathrine StClair Says:

    Oh My! What a beautiful job on this!

    Love the bear cards above too… I’m getting ready for fall. (When do these kids go back to school???)

  4. Meda Says:

    You are really good ad watercoloring. This church picture is gorgeous! I tok the plunge and bought a set of watercolor pencils and a set of watercolors in tubes. All I have to do now is start learning. I already tried some free hand flowers and… wow, I really like this technique. Thanks for all the inspiration and advice.

  5. Charmaine Says:

    Gorgeous! I need this 🙂


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