Orange church card

My mom asked me to make her two birthday cards for her church’s two pastors.  She said she wanted them to be big (so the church members could write in it) and religious.  I don’t have any religious stamps ’cause I’m not religious.  But I remembered a paperback book I have (Courrier des Villages by Clément Marchand) with a picture of a church on the cover.  The church was a wood engraving by Rodolphe Duguay.  I freehand-copied the basic structure of part of his church…

Then I watercoloured it, taking colour cues from Suzanne Brind’amour, who coloured Duguay’s church for Clément Marchand’s book cover…

Then I went to Top Bible Verses to get some verse that I thought might be suitable for a birthday card.

Then I scanned it in at 300 dpi (because of course my husband wants to keep the actual watercolour), placed it into Adobe Illustrator, put a verse on there, and printed it out on 8.5 x 11 cardstock (Neenah Paper Classic Linen [Solar White]) and folded it in half.  I printed out three ghastly copies of it before finally realizing that I needed a new colour cartridge in the printer.  I gave the rejects to my favourite religious co-worker who always finds time to debate and argue with me.  She liked them, but only ’cause she didn’t see the best version.  Hee hee.  This is what the best version looks like. 

My mom’s pastors are a husband and wife team.  I intend for this one to be for the guy, ’cause it’s uglier than the other card (in my opinion).  Guys (except mine) care less about cards anyhow, uh, right?  Well, ultimately, it is my mom’s decision.  But I’ll urge her to give this one to the guy.  I hope he likes it. 


2 Responses to “Orange church card”

  1. Cindy H. Says:

    I don’t think it is ugly at all! just a simpler design and quite lovely at that! Oh, to have your talent, Sophie:) TFS

  2. Charmaine Says:

    I think this should be the boy card too…not cause it’s ugly but because it’s simple…boys like simple…no frou frou stuff.


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