Hedgehog Princess

I made this card for my niece:

Actually, my husband is keeping this, but I made a copy of it for my niece.  Her name is Melody, so I put some music notes (by Purple Onion Designs) at the bottom.  Her middle name means “royalty” so I drew a princess hat on the hedgehog (by Penny Black).  “Hello” is by Flourishes LLC

The heart is from Stampin’ Up!’s Happy Hearts.
The flowers are from Stampin’ Up!’s Office Accoutrements.


8 Responses to “Hedgehog Princess”

  1. stagccva Says:

    How sweet! I love princesses – I’m so girlie like that. This little hedgehog is perfect with the hat!

  2. Laurie in MN Says:

    If I could draw and paint like you, I would not need to own stamps. Your talent is amazing.

  3. Lori Barnett Says:

    Wowzers!! This is TOO CUTE!!

  4. Cindy H. Says:

    So sweet! The hat and veil really make this so royal:) TFS

  5. Tandra Boyer Says:

    OH BIG SIGH………………Fabulous! I am inLOVE with this card!
    I wish you would send me one!! LOL
    I cant stop looking at it, I love all th eelements, th emusic is perfect, th ecolors, the coloring, images…evrything!!! Amazing!

  6. Charmaine Says:

    Very cute…my nieces would love this…they are very much into princesses. Your coloring is beautiful as always.


  7. Tandra Boyer Says:


    O.M.GEE!!!!!! I got this card in the mail today!! And I cant find your email!! LOL
    Thankyou!! Thankyou!! Thankyou!!
    Its just soooo adorable!!! And your watercoloring is far from inferior silly!!!And your handwriting!!! What kind of pen do you use?? I love your writing!!!
    Thankyou so much!!! Please email me!!!

  8. Diane Says:

    Darling card, the coloring is beautiful!!!

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