Ribbon Hairbows

My sister Christina recently showed me some hairbows she made with ribbon for her baby daughter.  She gave me permission to photograph them!  Here are some of them in all their glory:

 The next one is my favourite one – I love this ribbon combination!!

Are these not totally gorgeous?!!!  I bow to her as the Ribbon Queen.  I found the book Ribbonwork: The Complete Guide on her bookcase, among other ribbon books, but this is the one I looked at and read during free moments.  Christina said she did not hand-make some of the little roses;  some of those are pre-made and were bought at various craft stores, and all she did was stitch them on.  She also said she did actually just use “cheap craft ribbon” which the book warns against.  These photos do not do them justice.  In real life they are even more cute and adorable, and are just totally perfect for my little niece’s little wisps of hair!  AND, they match her outfits!!!


2 Responses to “Ribbon Hairbows”

  1. doris Says:

    ooohhh they’re soo cute!

  2. Aunt Min Says:

    I am entranced by the “daffodil” ribbon. Is that technique described in the ribbon book by helen gibb? If so, I’m going to the store tomorrow for that book!

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