Magnetic pen/pencil holder

My co-worker had this really lame paper box taped up to a shelf at work.  It was a small office-supply flimsy cardboard box cut in half.  She asked me if I could wrap the box up and make it pretty.  I think she had the idea that I could wrap the box in gift wrap or something.  I said I could just make her a whole new box.  The shelf was metallic, so I figured magnets would be stronger (and look neater) than tape.  So I made this box and put two magnetic strips behind it. 

I put it together with adhesive, but also with an eyelet on both sides for extra hold. 

She liked it a lot!

Paper and ink:  Stampin’ Up! Lavender Lace, PaperTrey’s white paper (for the flowers)

Stamps:  Stampin’ Up!:  Heart from  Gentler Times,  Flower with words from the French version of Be Happy, All other flowers from Office Accoutrements.


2 Responses to “Magnetic pen/pencil holder”

  1. Cindy H. Says:

    I would think that she would love it – it’s gorgeous!!! Love the color and the images! TFS

  2. olivia Says:

    omg i luv that…is it 4 sale???

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