Sleeping co-worker

In an attempt to improve my art, I’m trying to draw at least one thing from life every single day.  I too often fall into the terrible habit of copying things from two-dimensional images.  During a break today, a co-worker so nicely co-operated with me by sleeping right in my line of vision…

For a change, my nearsighted-ness came in handy.  I don’t have to squint to see the values (lights and darks) – I just look over the top of my glasses.  *grin*


Ink:   black waterproof indian-ink Faber-Castell PITT (F) pen first (no rough draft in pencil – you can tell by the wrongly-sized hat, among other things)

Watercolours:  Winsor & Newton Cotman (burnt sienna, ivory black, burnt umber, yellow ochre), Grumbacher’s (indigo hue).

Paper:  Neenah’s Paper Classic Linen (Solar White), though I should’ve probably used watercolour paper instead.  Well, maybe tomorrow.


10 Responses to “Sleeping co-worker”

  1. Annette Says:

    Oh that’s a really nice drawing! I love it when you draw things from real life!! Your coloring is always very nice too! (This is your cousin, btw =).

  2. Victoria Says:

    You talent and joy never cease to amaze me.

  3. Deena Says:

    A real joy to see this real life drawing!!

  4. Sandra Says:

    Sophie….I love this!


  5. Meda Says:

    You are doing a great job on your drawings and paintinigs. Why don’t you upload more of your daily schetches? I have just started watercolor painting but I find it to be quite a difficult medium, yet very beautiful and challenging.

  6. Lim Says:

    WOW WOW WOW.. STUNNING.. Your drawing it’s perfect!! wow. You are so talented.

  7. Mary Duffek Says:

    Hi….how are you? I haven’t seen you post in a bit and wanted to make sure everything is ok…=)

  8. Karen Travis Says:

    Great job Sophie! You are sooo talented!!!

  9. Lisa Duenas Says:

    I am a State Worker for the State of California and I would like you to email me and I will explain why I need this ideal picture.

  10. Kenny Says:

    That is a great drawing, very realistic. Keep up the great art.

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