Watercoloured roses

I got a wonderful gift bag from a co-worker two years ago.  It was this one by Jean Tucker:


And I was inspired to paint this:


I used a combination of my new Derwent watercolour pencils and tube Winsor & Newton watercolours.  I started out with the pencils, and then when things started going awry, I panicked and turned to the more familiar tube watercolours to salvage it.   I painted this on Strathmore’s 140 lb cold-pressed watercolour paper.

I love Jean Tucker’s other gift bags:


Thanks for looking!


14 Responses to “Watercoloured roses”

  1. inkerbelle Says:

    Thanks so much for commenting on my SCS upload today! It means a lot, coming for someone as talented as you. I’ve been in awe of your work for a long time!

    I also love your signature on SCS, very funny.

    Cheers – Isabelle (une suissesse)

  2. Shar Says:

    What a gorgeous piece! Love your colors and the soft shapes.

  3. Sherry Cheever Says:

    I think this is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!!!

  4. Mitchygitchygoomy Says:

    Sophie, this is breathtaking, I ADORE the gorgeous softness of the colors washing together yet still defined. I’m sorry your pencils didn’t flow comfortably, but your success is obvious no matter what medium you used!!

  5. Mary Duffek Says:

    Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! No need to panic….you recovered beautifully…

  6. Susan H Says:

    It’s beautiful Sophie! So very soft.

  7. Cathrine StClair Says:

    Wow – I love the drawings and paintings. I’ve just started a drawing class and am struggling a bit. I have a hard time with converting colors to gray values (its a pencil class). I hope practice helps 🙂

  8. Anne (itsapassion) Says:

    I love your work, I check on your gallery in SCS every so often and just now noticed you have updated your blog… what an amazing talent. I am a big fan!! I thoroughly enjoyed catching up on what you have posted that I didn’t see before!!

  9. Brandi Says:

    It’s beautiful, Sophie! Tu as beaucoup de talent!

    biz, Brandi

  10. Fran Gumprecht Says:

    This is beautiful! Such lovely colors! TFS!

  11. Joani Says:

    My goodness Sophie ~ your works are amazing. You are a wonderful artist – I wish your blog was updated more. I would love to see all the beautiful items you’ve created.


  12. Elizabeth Says:

    I love these flowers and all your watercolours paintings!!! great work! 😉

  13. Meda Says:

    The painting is beautiful! I really miss your posts.

  14. Joan B Says:

    your work is gorgeous

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