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Complete a face

February 19, 2010

Okay, my deepest apologies to Magnolia, because I unintentionally intruded on their copyrights, in using their Tilda faces to show how to complete a face. Also, my deepest gratitude to them because they have taken no steps to punish me! Another word of gratitude to Mo Manning, of Mo’s Digital Pencil, who alerted me to my copyright violation.

I’ve replaced the previous images with just generic circle faces. I mostly use these steps to draw faces for my beloved Tilda and Edwin stamps. Here’s a link in case you have no idea what stamps I’m talking about: Magnolia Licious (free shipping over $75)
Okay, so these are the steps…

I do leave the eyelashes off of Edwin.  <grin>

Here are more places from which I’ve bought Magnolia (and other) stamps:
Dream Cottage
Tilda’s Town – free shipping, no minimum purchase.
All That Scraps free shipping over $40.
7 Kids College Fund