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Birthday House Elf

April 4, 2010

It started as an entreaty from my husband eons ago.  “Draw me as a house elf” he asked, after having read and watched a series of those charming Harry Potter books and movies.  For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking (typing) about, he was referring to this little fellow:

Finally for his birthday this year, I did draw my husband as one.  I frantically started the drawing at 3:07 am on the dawn of his birthday, and finished it much later, right about 9:37 am. 

Usually house elves are industrious little creatures, puttering about doing all manner of housework and chores, but for this one day, Patrick the House elf is lolling about watching the television, accompanied by his friends the Ladybug and the Turtle, and enjoying his orange sherbert, a chocolate chip cookie (desserts first) with a soda and a hamburger to follow.  I’m right there, a fellow house elf, with a stack of hideously green (his favourite colour) birthday cards for his Majesty (he is king for the day). 

His Royal Highness did enjoy this illustration so much that he very fortunately pardoned me for my tardiness.

PS  If you wish you may click on it for a larger image.  Thanks for looking!