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March 16, 2009

First an apology to everyone who actually reads this blog.  In September 2008 my computer broke and it wasn’t until February that I got a new one.  In that time I developped new time-consuming habits like watching movies in lieu of uploading stuff. 

Anyway, here is a drawing I did back in October 2008 for my sister:


I drew it first in pencil and then inked it with a Micron pen.  Then I erased the pencil and watercoloured it with Winsor & Newton watercolours.


Gifts, Hell

February 21, 2008

My sister requested more illustrations for her Bible verse memorization cards (she uses these to help her son memorize Bible verses)…

She wanted a table piled high with free gifts and several people taking them.   She wanted a scruffy teenager, a professional person, and a handicapped person. 

For this one, she requested that a guy be taking out a payment which indicates that he’s going to hell.  She suggested a fire with a gate in front of it.   Well, I liked her idea, and since I’m not a Christian (and so theoretically would be the recipient of one of these), I decided to draw some document that, upon opening, I would at least think was pleasing to the eye. 

Hope she likes these illustrations!

hiker with book

January 30, 2008

This is a 4×6 inch painting that I did for my sister, following her specific description of what she wanted. 
It is still unfinished.  I still have to paint the title of the book he is carrying.  But I’d prefer to remember the painting this way.  I like imagining that it is a sketchbook that he is carrying.  I painted this on Strathmore’s 140lb cold-pressed watercolour paper with Winsor & Newton watercolours. 

My deep gratitude goes to Mrs. Noofy of for suggesting that I try using watercolours on real watercolour paper!  It has made a world of difference.  The paper makes it seem as if I am a better painter.  Actually what it does is, it lets me lift watercolour pigment when I make a mistake.  If you look carefully, you’ll see a light blob at the bottom of his hairline.  I painted his hair too long, and so gave him a haircut by lifting out the unwanted hair with a paintbrush loaded with clean water.  Also, his thumb was originally way too short, so I lifted away some of the brown colour of the book – and so gave him a thumb of normal length.  This doesn’t work with all the pigments though.  Many of the blue pigments stain, so I still have to be careful. 

Why isn’t his arm with the book down at his side, the way a normal person would carry a book?  *sheepish grin*  It’s because originally I was going to paint his hand holding on to the backpack’s strap.  I forgot my sister had requested that he be holding a book and a walking stick.  Well, there I had already painted his hoodie, so I lifted out the green colour where I wanted to stick the book.  Oops. 

I will mail this to her after I paint in (lift out) the book’s title.  I hope she’ll like it!


January 1, 2008

My sister asked for some more illustrations, one of which included a drunkard.  So I came up with this. 
I did the rough draft in a pale shade of burnt sienna, which is easy to lift ( or “erase”).  I loved painting his face, but I messed up on the shoulders – they should have been more broad.  I also made a mess of his nose, but oh well.  I think his eyebrows are also too dark.  He resembles my image of a drunkard (um, no offence to any drunks who might be reading this!!) more than a refrigerator anyway.  My sister did say that she would be happy if my drawings of any requested male humanoid images resembled men more than say, refrigerators.  She wanted this image for a Bible verse card warning against hanging out with drunkards.  She wants these to help her son memorize verses. 

I think I really like doing rough drafts in (easily lifted) watercolour instead of pencil.  It saves me the trouble of erasing later!