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Magnetic pen/pencil holder

August 9, 2008

My co-worker had this really lame paper box taped up to a shelf at work.  It was a small office-supply flimsy cardboard box cut in half.  She asked me if I could wrap the box up and make it pretty.  I think she had the idea that I could wrap the box in gift wrap or something.  I said I could just make her a whole new box.  The shelf was metallic, so I figured magnets would be stronger (and look neater) than tape.  So I made this box and put two magnetic strips behind it. 

I put it together with adhesive, but also with an eyelet on both sides for extra hold. 

She liked it a lot!

Paper and ink:  Stampin’ Up! Lavender Lace, PaperTrey’s white paper (for the flowers)

Stamps:  Stampin’ Up!:  Heart from  Gentler Times,  Flower with words from the French version of Be Happy, All other flowers from Office Accoutrements.


Dad’s stamp

March 10, 2008

Today I received a custom stamp in the mail from Imagine Stamps.  I was so excited!  My dad had given me an envelope with this on it: 
He asked if I could make a rubber stamp of that image (he’s got penpals in China).  Only, he wanted the inverted image (so he would be stamping the words, not everything surrounding the word outlines).  And then he asked if I could make a box around the words, that was smaller than the original box.  I said of course I could do that!  After all, I am the family stamper!  I was very excited about my first real Photoshop project, tiny as it was.  *grin*  After all, I had sacrificed many, many stamp purchases just to be able to purchase this software!  So I scanned it in at 300 dpi, put the image in grayscale, inverted it, lightened the exposure to get rid of the remaining stuff surrounding the words, and “drew” a box around it, using the pencil (or pen?  I forgot) tool. 

Then I emailed several companies (one rubber and two photopolymer ones), and Rebecca Phelps of Imagine Stamps was the first one to respond, so I emailed her the image, which she quickly transformed into this photopolymer stamp!
How cool is that??  I quickly made a box to house this lovely little stamp (lovely ’cause I helped to make it!  *huge grin*) and the red Marvy inkpad.  (He had requested red ink to use with his stamp).  I made a box ’cause otherwise I fear all they would be eventually separated (um, not that my dad is not very organized or anything…). 

So here is the box with everything in it:

And here is the box lid…
I stamped the lid with my dad’s stamp and with the bird stamp from Flourishes LLC’s Open to Love set.  The mental image of this bird flying across the ocean with a letter (airmail!) was really comical to me. 

This lid took me three tries to get right!  I had made the box first, and then the lid.  Well, the first two lids were TOO BIG.  Argh.  Anyway, the third time it came out all right. 

This is the box with the lid on it and everything inside, ready for me to present to my dad!
I hope he likes it!


February 6, 2008

I visited a new scrapbooking store in my town, and saw a totally cute chipboard book where the pages spelled out “Love”.  I wanted to make my own book, but I wanted mine to say “Amour” (which means “love” in French).  I didn’t have any chipboard, but I had the hard cardboard that is at the bottom of the Strathmore watercolour paper pads that I use.  I cut each one in half lengthwise.  I broke the plastic handle on my scissors doing this, so um, I switched to the craft knife, which I had not used in years, being somewhat leery of the open blade.  Oh well.  I used vellum paper (but would’ve just used plain tracing paper if I’d had any) to make a rough draft of the layout – of where I wanted the letters to be.  Also, all those holes at the spine were already there, because the Strathmore pads I buy are wire-bound.  How convenient for me!   *grin*  So I used the craft knife to cut out the following:


 This cardboard was really thick, so I had to keep going over the cuts with the knife, bending the cuts just a little more each time, until the blade cut all the way through.  Now I’ll cover them with decorative paper.  I normally can’t stand to work with decorative paper because it is so beautiful that I feel like I would be contaminating it.  But I am trying to get over that.  My husband has bought me so much decorative paper, because HE likes it (he likes all kinds of paper – paper from old books, newspaper, etc.).  I figure I might as well use it on a project for him!  When we were in the aforementioned scrapbook store, he was very enthusiastic about all the gorgeous papers there and picked out several sheets and said to me “make me something with these!”  I looked at the prices and gasped “those are 89 cents each!!!”  He just rolled his eyes, took out his wallet and started pulling out one-dollar bills.  *laugh*  I realized how ridiculous I must seem.  *grin*  What was going through my mind was, one 9 x 12 sheet of Strathmore’s 140 lb watercolour paper is 57 cents – already an expensive and luxurious paper in my opinion!  So 89 cents seemed over the top!   *another laugh*  I only bought one sheet of paper that day, but I have two bundles of decorative paper that he’d bought me several years ago.  I brought those out for this project, the Isabella stack by K & Company and DCWV’s Old World Stack.

After the cardboard was cut to size, I covered everything with the papers.

The phrase “Mon Ami” near the “A” is from Stampin’ Up!’s Carte Postale.

This is the back of the “A”, or page 1.  The little guy holding the books is Stanley’s Stack by the Victorian Trading Co.   After I stamped him, I coloured him a bit with a tiny amount of Winsor & Newton watercolours and sponged a shadow at his feet.  The French sentiment underneath him is a stamp by Magenta, and it means “This book belongs to”.  The letters of “Patricio” were stamped with Technique Tuesday’s Main Street Alphabet.   The circular mark at the top is from Stampin’ Up!’s “Authentique” which is the French version of Genuine Articles.  These were all stamped in Tim Holtz’s Vintage Photo distress ink.

The corner stamp is by Stampington & Co.  The word “merveilleux” (barely visible) at the bottom is by Stampin’ Up! and means “marvelous”. 


The words at the bottom on the strip means “my heart is yours”.  They and the dots are from Stampin’ Up!’s French version of So Many Sayings.  The paper on the main panel is from Tim Holtz’s Mother Goose paper.  The sheet music is actually sheet music which I sprayed with walnut ink and then tore up after the ink dried.

I cut out another piece from Tim Holtz’s Mother Goose paper so it would co-ordinate with the previous page. 


I forgot where I got the brads.  Immediately after I bought them, I took them out of their package and threw the box away, forgetting to note who made them.  Sorry.  Anyway, “Bisous pour toi” means “kisses for you” and is by Flourishes LLC.  “Une pensée affectueuse” means “an affectionate thought” and is by Magenta.  “Je t’aime” means “I love you” and is by Penny Black.  The row of hearts is from Stampin’ Up!’s So Many Sayings.  The fleur de lis stamp is by Stamper’s Anonymous. 

The tag is actually a piece of fabric.  It was the tag that came with one of my husband’s shirts…


I just turned it over and stamped on it, and then watercoloured in the roses. 
The roses are by Victorian Greetings, which is the stamp company of the Victorian Trading Co.

Okay, onto the next page:
The beautiful ATC (artist trading card) on the left side was traded to me by SCS’s Pugs99. 

Here’s a close-up of the ATC:  pugs99’s “Ugly, pick a theme”  This ATC was perfect for the on-going theme – it has the Eiffel tower!  And the colours all match, and it has that beautiful vintage look. 

Above and below the ATC are the words “Tu fais mon bonheur” (“you make my happiness”) and “je t’embrasse très fort” (“I embrace you very strongly”), all of which came from Stampin’ Up!’s French version of So Many Sayings.  On the bottom is another phrase which begins “Chaque jour…”.  That one came from Stampin’ Up!’s French version of It’s About Time.  The stamp “Paris” in the middle of the page came from Alluring Impressions.  I wrote the rest of the words (all together it means “I remember Paris with you”) with brown calligraphy ink. 

Okay, here is the page on the back of the “U”:
Well, all of the stamped images here are from Stampin’ Up, except for the fleur-de-lis at the bottom right corner.  That one is from Purple Onion Designs’ Brocante Set.  In the centre panel I wrote the curvy phrase which in English means “Each kiss is a flower, whose root is a heart”.  Well, that sounds awkward in English, but it rhymes nicely in French. 

Last page:
All of these stamps are from Stampin’ Up! (Baroque Motifs, Gentler Times, Riveting) except for the definition of “amour” (Magenta), the key (Stamper’s Anonymous), “De mon cœur…”  and “Janvier” (Alluring Impressions), “2008” (Purple Onion Designs), “Je t’aime” (Flourishes), and the book with glasses (Victorian Greetings).

 And here is the back of the book:
I covered the back with the ultra-expensive (89 cents!) sheet of paper that I had bought at the newest scrapbook store in town. 

The end. 

Sorry for the novel.  It took eons to write this post;  making the book was a whole lot faster!